Meet Your DJ

Hi, my name is Edward Purcell. I am the owner and operator of Night Owl DJs. I have long been fascinated with audio/video equipment, music, and broadcasting. I remember at the age of 10 setting a speaker in my bedroom window and using a microphone to broadcast music as well as announce the time and weather to our neighbors. In hindsight, I’m not sure if our neighbors enjoyed hearing a 10 year old “on the air” or if they were completely annoyed. Either way, I have continued with that interest and am now doing something I love – Playing music and messing around with “cool” audio, video, and electronic gear.

My first official event was when I volunteered in September 1991 to DJ my high school’s fall dance. After that success, I was asked to DJ the remaining school dances and by word of mouth began doing events outside of school. I never thought being a DJ was something I could do for a living. So, I went to college, worked full time, and DJed events on the side. In the spring of 2004, I decided to take the next step and began to promote my business. I know that the best endorsements are word of mouth. I work hard and strive to give every couple and client the best service possible. I am grateful to have the opportunity to do something that I enjoy.



Night Owl DJs History

I realize that most are not digging frantically to find out about my original logo, but at heart it has been a big part of me and my company. An old friend of a friend of a friend did this on a scrap piece of paper in pencil. The original included a skirted table underneath. Outside of the removing the table I updated the Night Owl's glasses to reflect something close to what I wear. I have received many compliments over the years and proud to have Night Owl as a companion and business partner along the way.


Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Edward PurcellOwner/Operator
502-523-2957 or